The Post Opi Mission

Wowzer after a 4 month journey of 100% focus I am edging closer to reaching my goal. After Opi was born I dropped 9kg and had a daunting 14kg to go. What the hell? It’s nothing like some good old scales from the Ware Whare to tell you the honest truth and shake you into reality.


I was thinking inside my head…….”Where do I even start? It seems so hard to drop that much weight”…….break it down, day by day, week by week. They say It takes 4 weeks for yourself to see results, 8 weeks for friends and 12 weeks for randoms. This is exactly what happened.


So 2hrs after Opi was born health camp begun, FYI I snuck in a McChicken Combo which is completely random behavior for me, I loved every moment of it. Every Friday and Saturday I salivate as I whip up my G’n’T and on Sunday’s I treat myself to a wee bit of naughty-ness but apart from that I’ve been like a jahovi witness, just knock knock knocking on health camps door.


What I do …..Train the house down with max effort training sessions, 80% of them taking no longer than 30minutes and eat clean, whole foods.

Now listen here I love a good budget so there is nothing flash or expensive when it comes to the foods I choose and my fitness regime. The answer to it all is discipline and being 100% true and honest to yourself, you don’t need the chia seeds, quinoa, gym membership etc etc just a bit of common sense and guts.


So I have lost 9kg and have another 5kg to go until I hit my pre baby weight. Yussss high 5. Some people probably think I’m a bit tough on myself. The truth is……I know what I want, and I wont let anything stand in my way, I love the journey I take to achieve my goals and I’m fully content everyday. I get a real kick out of the simple things in life – being with my 2 beautiful kids and hubby, going for a soy latte, sipping on a bevie with buddies, . Heck life is good.


I mentioned I would potentially show some before and after photos. I wanted to blurr out my horrible facial expressions but you know what….it’s real, it’s me. Yikes its scary doing this but I need to man up as if it inspires at least one person to strive for a more healthier lifestyle, well my mission is complete.

Do you like how I have chosen a horrid kit? oooo well ya win some ya loose some, in this case I’m losing big time.


I must admit sometimes I scratch my head to try to find new exciting posts and blog ideas for this page. The thing that has fueled me this time was bumping into a girl who has got her health on track and is looking so bloody amazing. She said she takes inspiration and motivation from ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’. God people like that blow my mind. Kate Bluck, you truly are glowing.

I have also had a few people hitting me up for programs – fitness and nutrition. So I’m back on the program bandwagon. ‘Pay what you think it’s worth concept’ as a wee donation to my time and effort.

prog cover

Just remember I have no qualifications in nutrition or fitness, just wonderful years of cold hard experience. Information I provide is purely based on what has worked for me over the years. Through years of training, discipline, fine-tuning and a couple of blow outs, I have created a wee gem that I love to share.

So my beautiful people striving to be fit, healthy and happy to get the most out of life…..lets do this, together we can nail it!!!!! I’m getting closer, join me on the final leg of my journey.


A Teaspoon Of Honey

I thought I had better make it loud and clear to all these wonderful followers what ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’ is all about. After I received some nasty messages from a follower it made me realize, shit maybe people are getting completely the wrong buzz from this page, I bloody hope not. The last thing I want people to feel is negative, fired up and pissed off with posts, in fact I’m striving for quite the opposite.

I loved this post below because fit healthy people still come in all shapes and sizes (fat %’s, cardio levels, strength), confidence in your own skin is essential to leading a happy balanced life…….


So these were the words I was nailed by after I posted this picture……

“Yeah I find this kind of hypocritical when yesterdays post had you showing off your boobs in a product placement ad thinly disguised as a post….Oh and your whole business is about shaming women into being more like your ideal. Yeah actually I just need to not subscribe to that crap eh, good luck to you making money from telling women they are less than ideal if they don’t #run #eatclean etc etc”


  • Yes I post pictures of slim fit ladies because that is what inspires me to keep on track and I think its bloody impressive.
  • I’m the most un booby lady you will find, the only time I show boobs is if I’m breast feeding or in a bikini.
  • I do this all for the love of it and make very little if any money. If people request a program all I ask is for a wee donation for my time and efforts and that’s it. I do a ‘pay what you think it’s worth’ system. People have paid anywhere between $2-$200. I thought the $2 was awesome and good on them for even paying anything.

What I’m aiming to get across…..

overall health

You only get one shot at life and I want people to strive to be the best they possibly can. This goes deeper than just fitness and nutrition. Life is about balance and aiming to achieve in all avenues – happiness, family, career, wealth etc. In order to crush life to the fullest I believe if you are healthy, you are far more likely to get the other things in life right.

I was messaging an old uni buddy the other day and he was saying how he has started a new business and he’s really having to work at trying to fit in his fitness, play time, work etc. We both decided that being rich and fat has about as much appeal as being fit and penniless.

discipline quotes

Through this page I share with you what’s going through my mind and what inspires me to strive to stay fit, healthy and balanced – I’m sure a lot of women can relate to my posts.

Over the years and from family I have managed to learn how to eat, train and be passionate about life, to be able to share this is great.

The Family loving holiday's at the Mount

The Family loving holiday’s at the Mount

So lady make the most out of each day and instead of spending your energy on attempting to knock positive people maybe spend it on fueling yourself with good vibes through living a healthy lifestyle. All the best.

Your actions reflect your thoughts, if you deviate, then get back on track

Your actions reflect your thoughts, if you deviate, then get back on track

A Penny For Your Thoughts?

So I have been pretty disciplined with my eating and fitness regime, but it seems to be a slow journey back to my target weight. In fact I feel like an old ewe who is stuck in the mud. Mmmm after having Rio I seemed to have bounced back pretty darn quick (3 months) but this time around it’s a different story. I was scratching my head trying to work out why the heck this is. If anything I would have thought it easier than round one because I knew what it was all about and had the tools from experience to smash it to bits. Dam I was proved wrong. Jeepers I would hate to think what would happen after 3 or 4 kids. They say victory tastes even better when the road there is a tough ride. This is going to be the tastiest treat in the world, maybe even better than the seed and raisin slice at Vudu Cafe.

Recently more than ever it has dawned on me the importance of repetition and to keep on chipping away at things. This goes for health, wealth and a new born baby. Opi is now 8 weeks old but changing so quickly, I am pleased I didn’t settle for his outrageous behavior he threw at me to begin with. Slowly I am getting him to sleep in his bed during the day and god it makes for a luxurious few hours. It was like I had been slapped over the face by a Mum who had a baby with colic, reflux and god knows what else. Rio was easy with a capital EASY. This Mr Opi was quite the opposite, he slowly but surely is coming around to be a wee cruiser. I was not going to settle for any less. A big high 5 to those families who have a bumpy ride for months on end, I have a new found respect for you, fudge packer that would be a tricky tricky time.

One thing I am going to try this week is 10minutes of handstand practice. I hear its a hell of a workout and could be quite entertaining seen as I haven’t given it a crack since the days of the devils drop on the jungle gym. No doubt a great activity for the kids as well.

I also have an absolute hampering to get on my number ones and head out for a drink and a nice meal. Now that my wee mate is starting to get into the grove of things, Mum has realized she has been locked up within a 3km radius for far to bloody long. Hubby if your reading this can you pleeeeeaaazzze ask me out on a date, your shout.

Over Plan Then Nail It!!!

So before Mr Opi Atene Dougie was born, I spent a lot of time making a plan of attack on how the heck I was going to drop the weight, while providing good fuel for Opi.

  • I predicted my weights that I would be each week for the next 3 months
  • I wrote down my goals
  • I broke down major milestones so the 14kg didn’t seem so daunting. Getting to 75kg, then 70kg, then 65kg are my big targets to hit.
  • I created a table with a training schedule and training times
  • I made a eating plan with different meal options.
  • I gathered together information from different sites, friends and family on recipes, nutrition plans etc etc

It’s quite good reading going back over my notes I have written things like “14kg over weight eeekkkk, make an effort to present my self to divert the eye – nice nails, makeup, hair etc and smile more!!!.”

Yes there was a lot of guessing going on – how the heck do you know what time u can run if you don’t know your babies routine? how do you know your future weights? Well jolly good points made, I figure it is best to guess rather than draw a blank in order to clear the head and feel life is on track and your in control.

I have been struck down by a lightening bolt which really gets my knickers in a knot. Mastitis twice within 10 days. I have been told to slow down which my agenda doesn’t cater for. So a bit of re assesing has taken place, i’m not going to let it knock me as it’s all part of the journey…..the ability to over plan then go with the flow. Mum keeps telling me off and i’m tempted to answer back with “listen here women, who have i inherited this ants in the pants gene from? you would have to take a long hard look at your busy body self”. I restrain though as no need to rock the boat.

So instead of sitting in a stewy pickle, get onto making a plan, writing down your goals, search for inspiration to get things on track.

Very few people write down their goals but if you’re one of those who do, you are more than 90% likely to achieve them than those who don’t.

Over plan, then nail it!!!

Attempting The Extreme Body Makeover

2 weeks ago we were extremely lucky to welcome into our family a beautiful healthy baby boy, Mr Opi Atene Dougie Kawau. He’s a real cracker and it’s darn special to now be a family of four.

Opi Atene Dougie Kawau

Now I tell you what’s not so special……having put on 23kg while pregnant, and now being left with 14kg to shed. WTF is going on here? I did not put my name down for this. I have a sugar pouch, cellulite, quads the size of Jonah Lomu and sausage arms….less than ideal.

I figured right everything happens for a reason, I have 6 months off work and a power of extra kegs to haul around, this is all meant to be. Why not share with the crew that have enjoyed and supported ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’. It can’t get more real and honest than this journey I am about to embark on.

I will be sharing with you;

  • My progress – the good and bad
  • Training sessions – Runs, HIIT sessions
  • My go to meals
  • Tips and tricks
  • My inspiration and motivation that keeps me on track
  • Once I reach my goal weight I may even have the courage to show you my before and after photos. Eeekkk a tad nervy about that.

The great thing is a lot of you will be able to relate to my NZ lifestyle as opposed to my Japanese one. Jase is away at 6am and home sometimes as late as 7pm, I have a newborn and a 2 ¼ year old. Coming into a winter in Queenstown with 2 kiddies and a hubby working big hours means I am going to have to get creative and dig deep to stick with it.

Am I nervous? Do I wonder if I can even do it? Am I scared of failure? Yes Yes and a big fat YES. There is only one way to see though….Man up and give it a god dam crack.


Join me on my journey of the post baby body come back, get inspired to move, fuel your body with nutritious clean foods, charge your mind with positive energy.

I will let nothing stand in my way……

2015 it’s going to be a goodie

Hi team, I thought I would write a wee note to give you an update of where I am at in life. I’ve had a few people messaging me…..”hope you’re ok?”……”haven’t seen you post in a while”, yes I know, I’m not quite managing to fit in ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’ to my new life back home in NZ. Gutted as I loved this venture…….

A Teaspoon Of Honey Logo small

My days in Japan were packed out with finding plenty of inspirational posts, crafting healthy morsels, creating videos, writing blogs, personalizing nutrition and fitness programs…… it all suited my Japanese lifestyle just beautifully as I had the spare time to pour my heart and soul into the brand.

Baked Salmon

We have been back in NZ for just over a year now and really loving it. It’s fair to say we are right into the swing of things with lots of little ventures on the go.

We move into our new home (our first ever family home) in a few weeks time. We have built in Queenstown at a new development called Shotover Country. It’s been a stress free, exciting journey and as move in date nears excitement levels are sky high.

Our new home

I am also loving my career in property and am excited about planning the next phase to take within the Queenstown real estate industry. I have learnt a lot over the past year with completing my real estate ticket and working along side some super successful agents. I am always on a mission to keep achieving in order to nail my long term goals. I will be sure to incorporate my life philosophy and ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’ into business – motivating and inspiring people to focus on family, work hard, keep fit and eat well. Balance is the key.


We are thrilled to bits about the special new edition due to arrive in 15 weeks. It’s exciting not knowing if it’s a wee boy or girl, either way we feel incredibly blessed to soon be a family of 4. I’m keeping really well, plenty of energy and feel great, thank goodness.

My sister Amy and I with Rico and Rio

I have managed to religiously maintain my 5 days of fitness a week regime. This consists of 1-2 circuits and 3 runs, but this week they have become power walks. My burpees must look a tad awkward but I think the key is to keep the body moving even if you look and feel ridiculous.

write it down

Even though I don’t feel like I am increasing my level of fitness after each session, mentally I feel great. I can tick the box, I’m set up for my day, I want to eat nutritious healthy foods and I know my mind remains strong.

If you have the discipline to workout each day you are far more likely to achieve your goals in other avenues of life. This is what keeps me chugging along. If I work out I will be more likely to chase down that goal I set to achieve at the end of 2015. A healthy body creates a healthy mind.


I must admit I cannot wait to be able to rip into some high intensity workouts, be out of breath and dripping in sweat. I have signed up for the Queenstown half marathon mid November so have a good event to work towards.

Depending on how busy family and work life is I may look into training with some local ladies in the area. A 12 week body remake program will be put into place and why not share this with others if my schedule allows me to, maybe it will inspire a few to join the journey with me. Training buddies, like minded people and keen beans are perfect to fuel the body and give the extra drive you need.

So I hope you all have your goals written down for 2015. Make it a year to remember. Train hard, eat well, work harder, surround yourself with good people and wango 2015 will be an absolute boomer. God I’m pumped about it.

I’m sorry NZ life and ‘A Teaspoon Of Honey’ have not gelled together but I have managed to busy each day with new projects and missions. I have noticed there are lots of other wonderfully motivating pages now so get amongst them to fuel your dreams.


‘Reality Check’

I’m sitting in ‘Collective Hair Salon’ in Queenstown, I feel super relaxed, at peace and jolly spoilt with my hair getting yazed into shape, bliss. I am loving enjoying the luxury of flicking through a magazine, then I spot an article titled ‘Reality Check’, which is about modern motherhood and balancing work and family life – what a perfect read for me.


Mmmm I get to the end of the article and say to my hairdresser “Why do the majority of mothers talk about motherhood in such a negative light? It’s always portrayed as a real pain in the butt, and stressful.” The entire article rambled on about how tough it is, how it’s soo draining, you experience huge guilt trying to balance work and parenting. Yadeyadeya. I was thinking, “shivers maybe I’m missing something”.

Jeepers, that’s enough to snap me out of my wonderfully dreamy zone I was in. Dam you, you naughty mag.


This made me think about how I find motherhood, balancing my career aspirations, while striving to achieve my goal, being a great Mum and wife. If I could sum it up in a few words I would say – “Being a Mum blows my mind every day, it’s the most rewarding mission I have ever had”. I am constantly self checking my habits as I think of what I want Rio to excel in – table manners, always saying hello and goodbye, using peoples names, making others feel special and loved, making friends. Jeepers I’m starting to get all watery eyed now, it’s all just so darn cool.


With Rio being 20 months old now, all these qualities are starting to be expressed – less food is being chucked on the ground, she plonks herself down when entering the house to take her shoes off, there is always a “peeaz” (please) “ddaaahh” (ta/ thank you), “babee” (bye bye), cuddles and kisses to everyone before bedtime, if she is apologising you get a cuddle, kiss and “dorwee” (sorry). Frickn cute, I just want to eat her all up. How can this not be the best reward in the world. Watching your teachings come to fruition.

The recent tragedy at Mount Maunganui with the 5 year old boy being swept out to sea, is a brutal reminder to us that you need to enjoy everyday, appreciate what you have, don’t waste a moment with negie chat or shit vibes.


Anyway I challenge you Mums, or Mums to be, to speak positively about motherhood, focus on all those great times, think of the ‘mad whirlwind’ as being ‘wonderfully hectic’. It’s only you who can change what you get out of life, you need to adjust your thought patterns, focus on the highs, take positives from every situation, only then you will truly get to experience just how special life is, You can get a heap out of each day, each week, each month. So stop right now, stop constantly finding life a challenge. If somethings not right, change it, life’s too short.

I must say almost all of, if not all, of my buddies speak wonderfully of parenting. I am lucky to be able to feed off their energy and look to them as role models.

ma and rio

My dad always sent us kids wee love texts “hey spunk, I have a real crush on you, can I take u for a hot chocolate?” or “so proud of you, you gorgeous beast”. I can’t wait until I can send my #1 wing mate, Miss Rio Kawau, some love texts. Speaking from experience, they make your heart skip.